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I absolutely love the coloring and detail you added to your work, it's so vibrant and full of life. The background is nothing short of ...

by XetaJTS

Vision: the picture is simple and easy to look at, it has a clear image and is enjoyable to see. Originality: It would have been really...

First off. I kind of want Pizza now. Second, even though I don't necessarily agree with you (I think this guy needs to be baked and ser...

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World of Hellanes Lesson 2: Byllais

Government: Dual Monarchy
Religion: Paganism
Population: 95,000
Status: Active
History: Byllais was founded fifty years prior to the Breaking by a contingent of the Crimson Cloak sent General Thelamakus as an outpost in the mountains to watch the country's southern holdings as well as a training ground for its new warriors. The leader of this fortress, General Xenophon proved to be an equally skilled administrator as he soon turned his small bastion into a thriving town. Hundreds of people flocked to the city for protection from the tribesmen who roam the lands and pirates who prey in the sea. In exchange for this protection, the people agreed to work the land and provide for its army.
After the Breaking, rather than return to their mother city and search for survivors in the ruins of Thebopolis, the crafty Xenophon d
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House Frey Scorecard by Ironwarchiefwarsong House Frey Scorecard :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 1 0 Admirable Animation by Ironwarchiefwarsong Admirable Animation :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 3 0 (Not) Animated Atrocity: Breaking Chains by Ironwarchiefwarsong (Not) Animated Atrocity: Breaking Chains :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 1 0
The Summoner Trilogy book one: The Novice review.

So I’m a bit surprised with this series. I’ve read a couple YA books recently and this was without a doubt the best one I’ve seen, yet somehow the most obscure. Like when I searched this book there was no fanart, fanfiction, discussions, even the wiki wasn’t that updated. Because of that, I decided to give these books some of the love they deserve by reviewing book one.
Also before I go on some spoilers ahead.
Plot: The plot of The Novice is that an orphan and blacksmith’s apprentice named Fletcher Wulf discovers he has summoning powers, meaning he can summon demons and use magic. After an accident with his newfound powers, Fletcher finds himself a wanted criminal in his town and must now head to Vocans Academy, the school for other summoners to train to be Battlemage in order to join the fight against the orc empire. In this school, he meets a number of friends, but also a few enemies who plot to tea
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World of Hellanes Lesson One: Thebopolis


Government: Wizard Oligarchy
Religion: Paganism
Population: 500,000 (At its peak)
Status: Destroyed
History: 20 years ago the land of Hellanas looked quite different than it does now. Its cities were unified as a single nation under a council of wizards. Its capital was the city of Thebopolis and in there lived more people than the rest of the cities combined. Although the local tribes known as the Seutii caused some trouble along with the occasional pirate raid the kingdom lived largely in peace.
From there the city branched out and formed colonies all over Hellanas; Bourelea, Byllais, and Ithia. Bourelea was built on the mouth of Iron Bay where it became a vast trade city. Byllais was founded by a contingent of Thebopolis’s feared imperial guard as a training ground for new warriors but became a small but thriving town soon after. Ithia turned as a training ground for newly discovered wiza
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Bear and a horror movie
“Hey, guys.” Chloe smiled and parked her bike against the wall of the bear's cave. She took off her bike helmet and let it hang on the handlebars.
Panda poked his head out from the couch and waved back. “Oh, hi Chloe.”
She smiled and climbed onto the couch, taking her seat behind him. Panda was scrolling through his phone, likely looking for another online date, though by the look of disappointment on his face he wasn’t having much fun. “So where are your brothers?” The Korean girl asked, looking around.
“Oh, they went out to get some groceries,” Panda replied. “So what brings you here?” Aren’t you normally doing your homework at this time.”
“Actually,” Chloe rubbed the back of her head nervously. “I was wondering if you could help me with my homework.”
“Oh, um sure. I can try.” Panpan chuckled, attempting to sound casual. He rubbed his paws to keep them from sweating. Chlo
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Fantasy Map: Hellanes by Ironwarchiefwarsong Fantasy Map: Hellanes :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 0 4 China Meme by Ironwarchiefwarsong China Meme :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 1 0
The Rising Lion Chapter 3
Chapter 3
“Lady-General,” The Centurion rasped weakly, grabbing onto Eliana’s arm. He squeezed it tightly and pulled her closer. For a dying man he had a surprising amount of strength. “I feel cold.”
She leaned down closer to him and nodded. Her hands gently rested his own at his side and pulled the soiled blanket over him, covering the black spots and hemorrhages that covered his body. One glance towards the surgeon’s anguished face told her everything she needed to know. The man is a goner.
“C-could you sing for me?” Despite the obvious pain in his face, the Centurion manages a ghostly smile.
The General chuckled and shook her head, laying her hand on the soldiers blanketed chest, despite the look of disapproval on the surgeon's face. “I am a terrible singer.”
A long gravelly sound came from his throat. Eliana looked closer frantically, believing that he had started choking until she realized that he was laughing. “At
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Born of Blood and Steel
Juan Japson Sevilla leaned forward at the deck rail of the ferry. He tried to peer around the horizon for any sign of land. Despite the morning mist that obscured his view he was able to make out the silhouettes of the white rock cliffs of the Bravatinian coast. The landscape gently sloped down from the sky towards the sea.
He glanced downward and made sure that the briefcase that contained all his saving was still at his side.
A gust of cold wind caused him to pull his frock coat tighter. He wished that he had brought his woolen greatcoat with him, but that was probably still sitting on his bed back in New Trisos. In his excitement for his trip, Juan had forgotten to pack it in his suitcase. He knew the northern kingdom would be cold, but not this cold.
“So what brings you to this fair city? Travel or business?” Another passenger appeared from below deck, approached him, and asked. He had that sophisticated northern accent that made the young traveler stop what he was doin
:iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 3 2
History of the USS Atherton
The USS Atherton

The USS Atherton was a Cannon-class Destroyer Escort, a type of ship that served during World War II These were ships meant for anti-submarine warfare. The ship possessed a Diesel Electric Tandem Drive. A substitution for the propulsion plant. It was 306 feet in length, with a displacement of about 1,620 tons. It possessed 4 diesel engines with electric drives and two propellers. This gave it a speed of 21 knots. Its armaments consisted of 3 3”/50 Caliber guns, 1 Quad AA gun, 8 20mm AA guns, 3 21 inch torpedo tubes, 1  Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar, 8 Mk 6 depth charges, and 2 Mk 9 depth charges.
The USS Atherton was ordered on January 18, 1942, and was built by the Federal Shipyard and Drydock company in New Jersey. It was completed nearly a year later on January 14, 1943, and launched on May 27 of the same year. The ship was then commissioned one month and two days later.
Its shakedo
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Admirable Animation: Love That Squid by Ironwarchiefwarsong Admirable Animation: Love That Squid :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 1 0
The Survivors Chapter 7
Arius's POV
The worst part of a battle's aftermath was the cleanup. To look at the faces of those you knew who would never wake again and subjected to watch those who were lucky, or unlucky enough to survive as they are carried away with ghastly wounds that almost make me wish that they had died. Having to search desperately in the carnage for those missing, and dealing with the pain of not knowing what happened to them.
Against the living dead.
With orcs or bandits I could at least take comfort in the excuse that these were brigands and barbarians who I never knew and probably deserved what they got. But with the living dead I had to slay those whose only crime was not being able to receive peace at death.
With each one I kill it feels as if though my humanity was slowly being chipped away.
This was likely another part of Arthas's psychological warfare. Damn you to hell and back you bastard. I curse then traitor princes as my men slay the last of the undead guarding the port. Compared
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(Not) Animated Atrocities: Spoiler Alert by Ironwarchiefwarsong (Not) Animated Atrocities: Spoiler Alert :iconironwarchiefwarsong:Ironwarchiefwarsong 2 12
Unnamed Future story 2
Chapter 4
Matlal leaned on a high niche and watched as the young boy gripped the end of the spearthrower tightly under one fist as. He the oldest of his class, fourteen summers, more than half of those spend training here. Like the rest of his fellow warriors in training he wore nothing but a loincloth that allowed others to see his skin unmarked by either scar or tattoo. Yet.
He turned at his heel and turned to the head instructor. A tall, lithe man long past his fortieth summer and with a bald head save for a single long braid of obsidian that fell to his back. A symbol of his rank among the feared Twin Snakes, if his highly decorated armor was not clue enough.
The weapons instructor folded his arms, letting the tattoo of the eagle at his back move alongside his muscles and nodded to the warrior.
The boy circled his opponent, flexing the fingers that held the spearthrower before allowing a primal roar to rip through from his mouth. He sprinted forward. Those who matched him, others b
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ASOIAF Villain Team up! by Thrumugnyr ASOIAF Villain Team up! :iconthrumugnyr:Thrumugnyr 345 72
Brute force conflicts can totally work
We get it Lily you don't like DBZ... you're a good reason why anime fans call everyone who doesn't like anime anti-Japanese or weeaboos or whatever the fuck slurs you pull out of your well-lubed ass.
Brute force conflicts CAN WORK if you know what you're doing. In Dragon Ball Z the reason Goku doesn't just immediately kill the villain is very clear, not only did Kami stupidly hammer moral ethics into his monkey skull, at times he's far weaker than the villains themselves and needs bullshit to beat them! Vegeta fought him to a standstill and ground his bones to make a weremonkey condom out of his body. Frieza was kept from fighting Goku until he reached his final form because his minions (or just Captain Ginyu) were just that effective at crippling the guy and leaving him to recover. When he did recover even his best tricks couldn't work and so he needed to unlock an ancient alien prophecy just to leave Frieza a cripple and get the fuck out of exploding Dodge!
In the Androids Saga they
:iconregulas314:Regulas314 5 10
Leni Starling by Extricorez Leni Starling :iconextricorez:Extricorez 121 14 Sanjay and Craig Season 2 Scorecard by IloveNickToons Sanjay and Craig Season 2 Scorecard :iconilovenicktoons:IloveNickToons 6 2 Scourge of War: Ligny by Mitchellnolte Scourge of War: Ligny :iconmitchellnolte:Mitchellnolte 92 8 Seven Deadly Sins of Westeros by RDizzy Seven Deadly Sins of Westeros :iconrdizzy:RDizzy 22 6 Davos Seaworth by HatterAndHareStudios Davos Seaworth :iconhatterandharestudios:HatterAndHareStudios 2 0 Light of the Seven by RDizzy Light of the Seven :iconrdizzy:RDizzy 15 0 The Lion King  by PcapoS The Lion King :iconpcapos:PcapoS 6 5 French Dragoons of the Napoleonic Era by Mitchellnolte French Dragoons of the Napoleonic Era :iconmitchellnolte:Mitchellnolte 132 13 Egghead dirty talk by Crydius Egghead dirty talk :iconcrydius:Crydius 281 69 The annual CHS flag hunt pg 17 by Crydius The annual CHS flag hunt pg 17 :iconcrydius:Crydius 132 114 The annual CHS flag hunt pg 18 by Crydius The annual CHS flag hunt pg 18 :iconcrydius:Crydius 120 54 The Trick's on You by bigponymac The Trick's on You :iconbigponymac:bigponymac 1,401 320
Sam and Cat Full Series Scorecard
And now for the last of the Schneider-created sitcoms I'll be scorecarding in its entirety, the mixed bag of a spinoff to iCarly and Victorious that was Sam & Cat. I find this to be the point where Dan Schneider's shows truly lost their edge (though I still personally think that his two shows that followed are SLIGHT improvements). So here's how I rank each episode of its first and only season: 
#Pilot: Decent 
#FavoriteShow: Good 
#TheBritBrats: Okay 
#NewGoat: Okay 
#TextingCompetition: Meh 
#BabysitterWar: Decent 
#GoomerSitting: Mediocre 
#ToddlerClimbing: Okay 
#MommaGoomer: Meh 
#BabysittingCommercial: Bad 
#RevengeOfTheBritBrats: Decent 
#MotorcycleMystery: Meh 
#SecretSafe: Meh 
#OscarTheOuch: Bad 
#DollSitting: Good 
#PeezyB: Good 
#SalmonCat: Decent 
#Twinfection: Okay 
#MyPoober: Meh 
#MadAboutShoe: Okay 
#MagicATM: Okay 
#Lumpatious: Okay 
:iconloudponytitan101:LoudPonyTitan101 3 12
Keeping up that diet by Art-forArts-Sake Keeping up that diet :iconart-forarts-sake:Art-forArts-Sake 66 26



Byllais by Ironwarchiefwarsong

Government: Dual Monarchy
Religion: Paganism
Population: 95,000
Status: Active

History: Byllais was founded fifty years prior to the Breaking by a contingent of the Crimson Cloak sent General Thelamakus as an outpost in the mountains to watch the country's southern holdings as well as a training ground for its new warriors. The leader of this fortress, General Xenophon proved to be an equally skilled administrator as he soon turned his small bastion into a thriving town. Hundreds of people flocked to the city for protection from the tribesmen who roam the lands and pirates who prey in the sea. In exchange for this protection, the people agreed to work the land and provide for its army.

After the Breaking, rather than return to their mother city and search for survivors in the ruins of Thebopolis, the crafty Xenophon declared the land lost and crowned himself king. To placate the people from rebellion he chose another to serve as co-ruler to their lands, a young ambitious warrior named Diomedes. For years afterward these traditions continued with the Crimson Cloaks continuing the tradition of training new warriors to fill their ranks.

Religion: The people of Byllais share the pagan worship similar to their predecessors. Though while those in Thebopolis worshipped an entire pantheon of gods, they Bylliana have taken only one god, Ajax the god of war. He was once a minor part of the Thebepolis pantheon and won favor amongst the soldiers and declared the only true god allowed to be worshipped in their lands.

In order to honor their deity, the men of Bylais strive to give only the most perfect soldiers. In their quest for this, a baby born with any defect mentally or physically are executed while those found in acceptable shape are trained to be warriors.

Military: Bylais is centered solely on its army to the point where a full quarter of its population are soldiers. Once accepted into the ranks, a soldier is no longer allowed to take up any other profession and must leave their wives and family in order to live only in the barracks. Instead, the land is worked by the peasants who have sworn to work under their banner.

From the young age of 7 each child is taken in order to train until adulthood in the arts of being a soldier. When they reach the age of 15, each child is considered an adult and is now sent to serve in the army. Such rigorous training has made them the greatest soldiers in Hellanes.

Their armies are divided into three groups.

  1. The Conquering army: A division of about 3,000 men whose role is to retake former lands controlled by Thebopolis and claim it as their own. Their holdings are a string of outposts along the northern Hellanes coast.

  2. The Shields of Byllais: The main garrison force of the city. They number around some 15,000 soldiers whose main job is to protect Byllais as well as being the main field army of the city-state.

  3. The King’s Companions: These men act as the personal guards of the king and are the final line of defense in Byllais. Their numbers are at about 3,000 soldiers which are divided into battalions of 300. They join the king in battle and are tasked with protecting him at all costs.

Although they maintain a navy of about 85 ships, it is often been said to be the weakest of the three cities with its main purpose for transportation and protecting cargo. Even being an Admiral is considered a lesser honor than being a General.

Government: Byllais is ruled by two kings, one man typically in his 50s and another in his 20s. These two do not necessarily need to be related and are chosen by the soldiers among their officers. The young man represents the energy and aggressiveness while the older man represents the wisdom of the army. They share equal power and cannot make any decision unless they can agree. As a result, few changes are made and the society remains stagnant.

Aside from the kings, there are also other officials who run the empire in the form of governors and lesser leaders. Citizens of Byllais may run as position though only a officials imported or older warriors who are past retirement may take these positions. Their duties are simply to maintain garrisons, collect taxes and ensure quotas are met.

Society: Due to few changes among the government the society of Byllias had remained largely stagnant and unchanged since its founding. Its society is based entirely on its army and its maintenance. It is only them and their families who are considered true citizens of Byllais, the thousands of peasants who work the land are treated as serfs and nothing more. They have fewer rights and are unable to hold any form of a government official.

Laws are strictly enforced by the Shields of Byllais and punishments are meted out with swiftness and brutality.

World of Hellanes Lesson 2: Byllais
So heres lesson two, on the mountainous and isolated city-state of Byllais. Guess which society this nation is based on.
As much as I love Daenerys's character, I really can't stand how entitled she acts regarding the Iron Throne. Basically she's just assuming that everyone will bend the knee to her the moment she arrives simply cause she's a Targaryan. Robert, Stannis, Renly, Robb and Jon Snow all earned their peoples trust. They started of without much support and won through their actions. Maybe Dany could learn a thing or two from them.
Who would win in a fight. Alexander Hamilton or Antonio Luna
House Frey Scorecard
Ya, I do not like this House very much

Favorite: Kitty Frey, Joyeuse Frey

Least Favorite: Wlader Frey, Black Walder, Lothar Frey
  1. Atilla the Hun (Hunnic Empire) Vs. Genghis Khan (Mongol Horde)

  2. Carter Kane (Kane Chronicles) Vs. Fletcher Wulf/Raleigh (Summoner Trilogy)

  3. Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones) Vs. Garrosh Hellscream (World of Warcraft)

  4. George Washington (USA) Vs. Simón Bolívar (Gran Colombia)

  5. Armored Titan (Attack on Titan) Vs. Blackout (Transformers)

  6. Atriox (Halo) Vs. Ripa ‘Moramee (Halo)

  7. Field Marshal Tamas (Powder Mage Trilogy) Vs. Napoleon Bonaparte (French Empire)

  8. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series) Vs. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius (Throne of Glass Series)

  9. Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Anime) Vs. Red (Pokemon Game)

  10. Velvet Scarlatina (RWBY) Vs. Agent Brains (Lucky Fred)

  11. Po (Kung Fu Panda) Vs. Ice Bear (We Bare Bears)

  12. Erwin Rommel (Germany) Vs. Antonio Luna (Philippine Republic)

  13. King Leonidas (Sparta) Vs. Oda Nobunaga (Oda Clan)

  14. Nicole Watterson (Amazing World of Gumball) Vs. Jessica Huang (Fresh off the Boat)

  15. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones) Vs. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

  16. Superboy (Young Justice) Vs. Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)

  17. Darth Maul (Star Wars) Vs. Achilles (Greek Mythology)

  18. Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan) Vs. Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

  19. Rodrigo Duterte (Republic of the Philippines) Vs. Donald Trump (United States of America)

  20. Master Chief (Halo) Vs. Iron Man (Avengers)

  21. Captain Rex (Clone Wars) Vs. Captain America (Avengers)

  22. Michael J Caboose (Red vs Blue) Vs. Patrick Star (Spongebob)

  23. Fluffle Puff (Fluffle Puff) Vs. Nyan Kat (Nyan Kat)

  24. Avatar Korra (Legend of Korra) Vs. Thrall (World of Warcraft)

  25. Harry Potter (Harry Potter) Vs. Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony)


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